Patient Testimonials

  • Great experience. I was feeling helpless before meeting with Deepak. He changed my life.


  • Deepak is excellent. Very sincere, politely professional and dedicated towards his work. His aim is to heal his patients asap and relieve them from pain, and he goes to all possible extents to assure the same. He doesn’t advice unnecessary medicines or tests & rather ensures proper time and care is given to his patients. Great experience. Truly thankful!

    Chandra S.

  • The exercises recommended by Deepak Sharma has effectively worked on my injured areas. By following patterns and precautions, my injury is healing and my leg is gaining strength as well.  One must refer Deepak Sharma for any health-related issues.

    Ankit T.

  • Deepak Sharma is a committed physiotherapist. We had an amazing experience in his treatments given to members of our family. He is also very supportive and understanding of the patient’s difficulties and provides timely solutions. I would be very happy to recommend Deepak Sharma to anyone.

    Sitaraman S.

  • I had so much pain in my knee and Deepak took the time to treat my knee pre- and post-op. He was very patient with me, motivated me daily. He is friendly and has an empathetic point of view. He has really worked very hard with me for my pain management.

    Recent Patient

  • He not just gives you the best advice in exercises, I would say his hands are magical. Decent, well behaved, soft-spoken and nice soul. Thanks to him, my shoulder pain caused by a gym workout was all better within 5 visits.

    Recent Patient

  • Recent Patient

  • 2 years ago I was involved in a car accident, my car was rear ended by a distracted driver and I ended up with back pain so severe I could not get out of bed in the morning and it was a challenge just to get to Deepak’s clinic. The first session was painful, Deepak noticed I could not even get off the bed in the clinic and immediately he prescribed some exercises that I started in the clinic that day. I was diagnosed with severe back spasms and still not able to get out of bed or even tie my shoes. Each session involved a hot pack along with Deepak working on my back with a massage along with my schedule of exercises and with each appointment he added a new exercise. By the fifth treatment, my back had never felt this good and I had full range of movement back and continued the exercises even after my sessions ended. I still utilize some of the exercises to this day as they are not hard to incorporate into your daily routine and after 2 years my back has never felt so good. My back feels like a million dollars and I would recommend Deepak with no hesitation.

    Ross E.